Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Caption contest .....

My Dad - David Burr,  offered:
Maybe: Whatz that smell?
Maybe: Who did that?
Maybe: Wot waz that?
[Or - look at the tail!]
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My dad - David Burr - woke me up, pointed the flash in my face and took this photo!
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Socialising for puppies

My Boss, David Burr says - From puppyhood on, it is imperative that you make every effort to expand his environment and expose him to new things. At this stage of life, puppies should be around as many different people and animals as possible to help eliminate fear of the unknown. Try some of these effective socialisation methods with your pup:
Enroll in a puppy socialisation or obedience class, run by a professional, where he will meet other dogs.
Take him with you on walks, when shopping, or even to work (where allowed). Gradually get him used to new sights and sounds.
Invite your friends, including men, women, children and seniors, over to your house at different times to meet your new puppy.
Involve him in as much of your daily activities as possible. Be sure to offer treats for good behavior.
Puppies that have been exposed to various groups of people and pets are less likely to be aggressive to those groups as they mature. And you will be well on your way to having an excellent companion for years to come.

Growing up ..

My boss, David Burr say's that I sleepz so much because I is growing so fast! Have put on nearly a kilogram in 3 weeks.
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